Job advertisements

The club collects job advertisements to our members in this page. Most of them are in Finnish, but occasionally there are also some English advertisements.

The application period for Pöyry Stars program has started – apply by January 31st

The two year Pöyry Stars program consists of full-time summer work, an amount of part-time work during the semesters suitable for you, dissertation or thesis work as well as a possible work period abroad in one of Pöyry’s 40 countries of operation. At Pöyry you are not given boring routine tasks – the Stars are solving real client problems, with support from our experienced Pöyry Intrapreneurs.

The Pöyry Stars will be located in Pöyry offices across Finland. The positions are mainly for students of engineering and natural sciences.

The program is structured around specific training days, and each Star will get their own Pöyry mentor. A detailed job description and program structure will be determined individually for each Star, depending on their personal situation, skills and interests.

Apply now! The application period is open until the end of January here: